Refund Policy

1. Introduction.

Nearly all DonBuddy campaigns are accurate and funds are delivered and used for their stated purpose. In the rare occurrence of misuse, the DonBuddy Guarantee (the “Guarantee” or “Policy”) ensures that donations are protected if campaign funds are not delivered to the intended beneficiary or donors are misled by a campaign organizer or beneficiary. Most conflicts are not actual misuses of the DonBuddy Platform, and campaign organizers work to answer questions and resolve donors’ and beneficiaries’ concerns quickly. But if your concern is not sufficiently addressed, then we are here to help.

2. For Donors.

Donors may receive a refund (or other resolution as described below) when they donate to a campaign in one of the Covered Countries (a “Covered Campaign”) and the campaign organizer or beneficiary (if one exists) of the Covered Campaign commits a Misuse. “Misuse” means any of the following:

1. The campaign organizer does not deliver funds to the Intended Beneficiary (as defined below);
2. The campaign’s content is inaccurate with respect to a material fact about the campaign organizer, beneficiary, or campaign that would induce a reasonable donor to donate to the campaign; and
3. The campaign organizer or beneficiary is formally charged with a crime directly related to their actions, omissions, and/or misrepresentations made by that individual in the campaign.

In the event of a Misuse as determined in our sole discretion, we agree to reimburse you the amount of your donations (up to $1000 per donor per campaign) paid by you through the Platform. In some circumstances, we may provide refunds by a credit redeemable for a donation of the same amount to another campaign. If the Misuse arose from a failed delivery of funds to the Intended Beneficiary, we may also redirect your donation to the Intended Beneficiary; please see Section 3 “For Beneficiaries,” below, for details.

All resolutions are decided by DonBuddy in our sole discretion, and all of our determinations are final.

Donor Exclusions.

The following reasons for a refund are excluded and not covered by this Policy:
  • Seeking a refund for your donation to your own campaign;
  • Refunds for offline donations not transacted on the Platform;
  • Regretting the donation;
  • A personal disagreement with or dislike of the campaign organizer or beneficiary;
  • Disagreement with how a campaign organizer or beneficiary uses funds raised in excess of the stated campaign goal at the time of your donation;
  • Disagreement over the payment instrument or means by which the campaign organizer or Intended Beneficiary will receive the campaign funds;
  • Disagreement with DonBuddy for any reason; or
  • Any reason not based on the honestly-held belief based on presentable information that a Misuse has occurred.

You may be able to receive a refund in some instances even if you do not qualify for benefits under this Policy. Please contact DonBuddy with questions.

3. Modification or Termination.

DonBuddy reserves the right to modify or terminate this Policy, at any time, in its sole discretion, and without prior notice. If we modify this Policy, we will post the modification on the DonBuddy website or provide you with notice of the modification and we will continue to process all claims made prior to the effective date of the modification.

4. Entire Agreement and Definitions.

This Policy constitutes the entire and exclusive understanding and agreement between DonBuddy and you regarding the subject matter herein and supersedes and replaces any and all prior oral or written understandings or agreements between DonBuddy and you regarding your ability to claim or qualify for a refund or payment from DonBuddy.